What do potatoes and ballroom dancing have in common?  The passionate people behind them.

On Saturday, April 18 DOCMA decided to purchase $1,000 of potatoes to be donated to the Food Pantries, Churches and Shelters throughout Worcester, in an effort to help feed families that have been adversely affected by the COV-19 Pandemic.

Fred Anderson, a DOCMA Board Member, lined up the potato purchase from a Maine farmer located in Presque Isle.  Additionally, Fred went up to Presque Isle, a 7-8 hour drive North, to pick up the potatoes along with his son and deliver them back to Worcester.  

Folks, this was nothing short of a herculean feat as they had to load 200 bags of potatoes, weighing 50 lbs per bag onto his flatbed.  That is 5 tons of potatoes!! Oh and did we tell you that it snowed that day?!!

The potatoes were brought to Maureen Cleary's house, President of DOCMA, who arranged to distribute the potatoes to 12 different organizations serving families throughout Central Mass.

The second phase of this operation came when the potatoes had to be delivered to each location.  You might think that a flatbed carrying 5 tons of potatoes on the narrow, hilly streets of Worcester, which are riddled with potholes would be difficult.  Well, you would be wrong.  

It was INSANE!!  But, goodness prevailed and two days later, the feat was accomplished.  

DOCMA was proud to expand it's mission for those couple of days and help in a time of need.

So, to answer the question about potatoes and ballroom dancing, the answer is....absolutely nothing...except when there is a Pandemic and we can make a small difference in the world.

We are sure you are all doing your part, and we are proud of you all. 

Thank you

We miss you all!

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